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How a Texas estate planning attorney can help you

Dec 27, 2021 | Estate Planning

You always subscribed to self-reliance. Now, you want to adhere to that philosophy when it comes to estate planning. But you have second thoughts. Although you pride yourself in your research skills, you conclude that you need some guidance with estate planning.

An experienced estate planning attorney is the effective ally you need. He or she will guide you through the process, answer your questions with easy-to-understand explanations and make you feel much more at ease.

Creation, probate and litigation

How can an estate planning attorney help you? He or she will help with the completion of your estate plan and have every required document in place. Here are a few other ways one may assist:

  • The drafting, reviewing and finalizing of a will or trust: Along the way, an attorney can answer every one of your questions and provide insight and recommendations specific to your estate.
  • When it is time to update your will: Make sure to annually review your will. Also, expect to update this legal document every three to five years or anytime a major life change surfaces. The latter could include marriage, the birth of a child, divorce, receiving a significant inheritance or death of a beneficiary.
  • Guiding the executor throughout the probate process: This is a time-consuming and, sometimes, nerve-wracking experience that includes selling assets, paying creditors and ensuring beneficiaries receive their shares.
  • Addressing guardianship issues: An attorney will make sure your decisions are followed related to the guardianship of your minor children or any vulnerable adult living with you.
  • Taking on litigation matters: Litigation is possible with any estate, especially if there is mismanagement by the executor or squabbles between heirs.
  • When controversy surfaces: This likely includes the contesting of the will, attributed to factors such as undue influence fraud, forgery and improper execution.

An attorney will protect your estate. You and your loved ones will gain great comfort in knowing this.

A solid ally from start to finish

An effective, understanding and knowledgeable estate planning attorney has the skills, patience and ability to help you from the early stages of an estate plan to its completion and resolution. You need a solid ally, and you get one with an attorney.