Wills & Estate Planning 


You have worked a lifetime to save and protect your assets. It is important that you have a lawyer who will help you control and direct what happens to your assets after death. We can also help you determine who should control healthcare decisions if you should become incapacitated.


Experienced Probate Representation


The court process of assessing and administering an estate after someone’s death is called Probate. When a will is contested, it is crucial to involve the counsel of an experienced lawyer.

A few of the most common reasons to contest a will include:


  • Claims of undue influence

  • Differences of opinion over guardianships

  • Undisclosed details regarding debtors

  • A trustee, executor, or beneficiary failing to do their fiduciary duty

  • Fraud or other tortious interference with inheritance rights

  • Failing to sign in accordance to applicable state laws


When the validity of a will is in question, it is crucial to have an experienced litigation attorney to help guide you through the probate process. A probate court will not proceed with a case if it surpasses a certain time limit. Seeking legal representation as soon as possible is important in the case of wills and probates. This can often be a highly emotional time. The estate planning lawyers at Scott, Ray & Sullivan, PLLC have the dedication and objectivity to help you reach the best possible outcome.


Estate Planning

The best time for expert estate planning is now. Scott, Ray & Sullivan, PLLC can help you to identify your goals and make objective choices regarding difficult decisions such as guardianship and distribution of assets. Call us today at (903) 454-0044 or fill out the Potential New Client Form.

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